Gareth Flowers

Gareth Flowers' music page. 

Some samples of my recordings

A limited edition of 250 vinyl LPs.

"...the output here is just fucking astounding...I can’t recommend this one enough..."


"...Silent Period is a meeting of two veritable masters in disparate fields, collaborating into darkness and interminable dread." -Decoder Magazine

"A perfect spin for late nights of neurotic reflection." -OMGVinyl

"Silent Period is an album of nuance and mood..." -acloserlisten

Originally a limited edition of 50 cassette tapes, now digital.

"Weird, beautiful tape." -FACT mag list of top 20 tapes of 2013

Digital 2011

"It’s a very intriguing vibe — one illuminating the difference between ourselves and our inventions, and the vast chasm between the consciousness of the two." -redefinemag

Digital 2010

"A superb offering of catchy, inventive minimalism." -furthernoise